SINA Health, Education & Welfare Trust

SINA started its research in the slums area to assess the disease condition in a highly vulnerable population. As we all know, the number one cause of medical death in Pakistan is Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension. By catching it earlier, we can work towards prevention. Pakistan is currently facing a much higher number of adolescent and young deaths due to these diseases. To this end, we proposed a free-of-cost two month of health screening research project for your older students, which will be useful for the early identification and detection of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, and Hypertension leading to cardiac diseases, Hormone imbalance in females and other significant health problems in future.

The major risks for tooth loss are cavities and gum disease that may increase with age because of problems with saliva production; receding gums that expose “softer” root surfaces to decay-causing bacteria; or difficulties flossing and brushing because of poor vision, cognitive problems, chronic disease, and physical limitations. Although more adults keep their teeth, many continue to need treatment for dental problems. This need is even greater for members of some racial and ethnic groups such as Pathans, Saraiki, Balochi, and Sindhi due to excess use of Naswar, Pan, Tobacco, gutka, Mawa, chaliyaetc and all of the above oral hygiene, which is neglected in slums of Karachi, Pakistan. It causes Untreated cavities, Gum disease, Tooth loss, Oral Cancer, Chronic diseases etc. Being a part of Primary healthcare in highly inaccessible resource-poor settings of Karachi, Pakistan. Research Department recently started oral screening in 16 out of 38 clinics of SINA Health, Education & Welfare Trust, with the help of qualified dentists for Oral Health status and disease burden

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