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SINA is a not-for-profit healthcare trust that has established 38 primary care clinics in the most impoverished areas of Karachi. Since its inception two decades ago, SINA has emerged as the pioneer of primary care in the city, making it an essential part of Karachi’s healthcare system.

SINA's Primary Healthcare Impact

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SINA’s Story

When Dr. Asif Imam came back to Pakistan after his specialization and residency from the United States, he realized how much work was to be done on primary healthcare in his homeland to make it a part of the country’s healthcare system. He proposed a few of his friends on working together to establish an authentic primary healthcare model that will serve as a first point of contact for poor and underprivileged patients. He, along with his friends, then started an effort that would focus on primary care in the most vulnerable communities of the city, Karachi

In 1998, the first primary care clinic of SINA was inaugurated in Baldia Town. Since its inception two decades ago, SINA has established itself as the pioneer of primary care services, having 38 clinics in the largest slums of Karachi, 6 of which are mobile clinics.

SINA was founded with a vision to act as the first line of defense in improving the health. Making doctors and diagnostics available, affordable and accessible ensure that early intervention and advocacy make for a healthier nation. Effective primary healthcare not only deals with day-to-day patient needs but also with the diagnosis and care management of chronic and long-term diseases.


The core vision of SINA is to establish an authentic, scalable, and replicable quality primary healthcare model that is aff­ordable and accessible to underprivileged populations in urban slums, reducing the strain on tertiary public healthcare hospitals.


SINA’s goal is to provide aff­ordable, accessible, and high-quality primary healthcare to underprivileged communities living in the most impoverished areas to help them lead happier and healthier lives.

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