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About Us

Why Invest in SINA Primary Healthcare?

Pakistan’s tertiary hospitals are overburdened, partially because patients have no other option than to visit a hospital for the needs that can be and should be addressed at a primary care facility.

Being a primary healthcare provider, SINA reduces the burden on hospitals as well as offers affordable and accessible care for chronic and long-term medical conditions.


SINA is Pakistan’s premier primary healthcare provider, offering quality diagnosis, diagnostics, and take-home medications for the country’s most vulnerable. It is with accessibility and early intervention that SINA improves health outcomes in the communities it serves and also manages long-term chronic medical conditions.

What Makes SINA Unique?

1) Improving the health outcomes of the communities it serves by advocacy, prevention, and continued care.

2) State-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record (EMR), a database that provides constant and consistent quality of ongoing care, resulting in a zero loss of patient follow-up.

3) In-house lab and quality diagnostics that are essential for accurate diagnosis.

SINA’s Primary Healthcare Model Components


Health awareness and advocacy are essential components of SINA’s model which are e­ffective in improving public knowledge. SINA takes an active part in mobilizing the community through camps, town meetings, baithaks, etc.


Our competent public healthcare professionals and doctors are supported by a protocol-based digital diagnosis which is an essential part of SINA’s electronic medical system. The EMR backs the doctors’ diagnostic skills and ensures a quality diagnosis.


SINA provides quality antenatal and postnatal care that promote safe practices and include consultation, ultrasound, and medication throughout the pregnancy to improve the maternal and neonatal mortality rates in Pakistan, an important aspect of primary healthcare.


Immunization helps children live a longer and healthier life with decreased need for tertiary care services. Currently, Pakistan has immunization coverage for only 65% of children. SINA aims to bridge the gap by immunizing children in the communities it serves and to educate parents regarding importance of vaccination.


Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) can help prevent diseases from spreading by prescribing vital medications, such as antibiotics to patients su­ffering from infections. SINA has pharmacy banks in all of its clinics that dispense up to 250 formulary medications such as OTCs, antibiotics, long-term drugs, etc. which are of high quality.


The communities served by SINA have many vulnerable individuals whose mental health issues are compounded by poverty, domestic abuse, social inequality, etc. SINA has introduced mental health services to those who cannot a­fford them through counselors who are selected, trained, and serve within the community.
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