Our Focus

  • Help save children from critical illnesses and death
  • Help families, particularly women and children, look after their health
  • Help relieve pressure on tertiary and secondary care hospitals
  • Decrease disease burden from society

Our Model

  • Help at doorstep: Developing a first port of call by establishing and operating primary healthcare clinics in low income areas.
  • Very Affordable: The total cost per patient PKR 420+. But the fee charged by SINA is around PKR 20 – 50 depending on patient need, with free medication, diagnostic tests as well as follow up care.
  • High quality: Quality to the patients at SINA is provided as per internationally recognized protocols.

We provide both curative and preventive care at all our clinics:

Curative Care

Quality Care at nominal cost: The patients are examined by qualified and well-trained physicians whose performance is rigorously monitored by our quality management system. The doctors follow a customized protocol with medical records maintained for each patient. While the cost per patient is in excess of PKR420 (USD approximately 4), the fee charged is between PKR20 (USD 0.20) and PKR50 (USD 0.50). Basic medicines are provided with no additional charge.

Diagnostic and Pharmacy Services: SINA’s in-house diagnostic service provides free and highly subsidized investigations including laboratory tests and ultrasounds. Samples are collected daily from our clinic collection points and are delivered to our centralized laboratory. The ultrasounds are performed by a qualified sonologist at a very subsidized rate.

Referral System (for specialist care): For patients requiring specialized attention, SINA has developed a unique referral system whereby every patient who requires specialist opinion or secondary and tertiary care gets the opportunity to have access to qualified consultants in Karachi free of cost or at highly subsidized rates. This assures high-quality advanced medical care to deserving patients who, owing to lack of awareness and financial constraints, may otherwise not have been able to get access to such secondary and tertiary care services.

Continuous Medical Education (CME) Program: The continuous development of medical practitioners is a cornerstone of SINA’s model. Our CME Program is based on needs that emerge during regular quality assurance processes and are intended for both doctors and paramedics.

Preventive Care

Our medical team focuses on Diabetes, Hepatitis and Hypertension while also focusing on chronic disease management to ensure that more serious complications are avoided. Regular health sessions are conducted through which awareness, along with diagnosis and treatment is provided to the patients.