Ever wonder what happens when a young child falls sick in an urban slum?

The parents initially attempt to treat the child themselves either through home remedies or leftover medicines from previous prescriptions. If the child’s condition does not improve, the child is then taken to a local doctor – someone who is likely to be not licensed and insufficiently qualified. Hence, as a result of either flawed treatment or sub-standard medicines or both, the child may end up a week later at emergency care in a hospital, suffering from exasperated impact of a week-long disease, magnified by malnourishment and absence of vaccinations.

The patient’s life is at risk – this is what SINA aims to address.

We provide quality primary health care to less privileged communities at their doorstep. More than 80% of our patients are women and children with a majority being zakat eligible. We provide primary healthcare with professional staff operating within a quality assurance system with the provision of medicines, laboratory investigations and specialized care as necessary – all this against a small token participation fee and hence funded through Zakat and General Donations.We do this because we believe that disease should be treated at a primary level so that it does not put undue pressure on already overburdened hospitals. More importantly, we do this because we believe that provision of quality healthcare is a right regardless of a person’s financial means.

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Our greatest need is the cost of treating our patients which includes provision of qualified doctors, quality medicines, robust laboratory & ultrasound facilities and a referral system for specialized care and treatment.

The cost is Rs.330 per patient.

Over 80% of our patients are women and children and majority is zakat eligible. Your generous donation will help bring quality primary healthcare to their doorstep. Please click for details of bank accounts on the tab below.

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SINA’s Mobile Clinic has successfully been launched at the second location of Dawood Chaali located in Landhi. The residents of Dawood Chaali earn daily wage as laborers or by selling hand made crafts. There is no clinic or hospital in the close proximity of the area making SINA’s Mobile Clinic the first primary health care facility of Dawood Chaali. The clinic treated 40+ patients in the first 4 hours of its operations. Given the high need of medical facility in the area, the clinic is expected to treat over 100 patients each day.

The Mobile Clinic will be visiting the site every Wednesday and Saturday


SINA-CLF’s 13th Clinic – Musa Soorty Centre was inaugurated on February 20, 2016, in Moach Goth which is located near Hub River road. The clinic was constructed and is supported by Mr. Abdul Rashid Soorty of Soorty Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. and is named after his father, Mr. Musa Soorty. The area of Moach Goth has been facing a massive sewage problem for a long time which has been the main cause of illnesses in the area. There was no affordable health care facility in the area for the people of Moach Goth until the inauguration of SINA-CLF clinic. Musa Soorty Centre treated 106 patients in the first five hours of its operations and is expected to treat 130+ patients everyday.


Hashmani’s Eye Hospital has set up an eye camp at SINA-CLF Clinic – Shahjehan Siddiqui Centre in Zareena Colony. The specialists will not only conduct initial assessment but also provide complete follow up care to all the patients visiting the camp.

Some of the patients who visited the camp had been living with an eye problem for up to 5 years because they could not afford the treatment.


SINA and ChildLife’s 12th Clinic – Shahjehan Siddiqui Centre, was inaugurated on January 23, 2016 in Zareena Colony which is located in North Karachi. The clinic was constructed and is supported by Mr. Aftab Siddiqui of Paragon Constructors and has been named after his mother, Ms. Shahjehan Siddiqui. The clinic treated 61 patients in the first four hours of its opening and is expected to treat over 3,000 patients each month.


SINA’s first Mobile Clinic is all set to begin its journey of providing quality primary health care in the outskirts of Karachi. SINA’s Mobile Clinic model is being piloted in the fishing village of Kakapir located in the Western end of Sandspit beach.

Kakapir currently has no proper health care facility while the people residing in the area lack resources to gain access to quality health care. SINA’s Mobile Clinic will be the first primary health care facility in the area providing quality care at a nominal fee of Rs. 5.

Qureshi-Memon Centre was inaugurated on April 23, 2016. The clinic was constructed with support from the families of Dr. Nadeem Qureshi and Dr. Altaf Memon. The clinic is located in Yousuf Goth 4k, in New Karachi

SINA-CLF’s 14th Clinic – Qureshi-Memon Centre, was inaugurated on April 23, 2016. The clinic is located in Yousuf Goth 4k, New Karachi. The clinic is supported by the families of Dr. Nadeem Qureshi and Dr. Altaf Memon. People of Yousuf Goth 4k face many problems on daily basis including that of electricity and availability of clean drinking water. However, the residents of 4k don’t let these issues bring them down and keep their neighborhood lively and vibrant. Especially the women of Yousuf Gith 4k are not only independent but are also actively involved in improving their community. The establishment of a quality primary health care facility in the area is a big step forward for the community as it provides direct access to primary health care to the residents of the area at a nominal fee of Rs. 5. Qureshi-Memon Centre is the first primary health care facility of the area.


Associated with The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi as Consultant Allergist and Immunologist, Dr. Imam returned to Pakistan after 20 years practice in the US. He started the first charity clinic in Baldia Town in 1998 and eventually founded SINA in 2007.


Dr. Asif Imam


Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood

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